Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's a comment I received on my blog:

"If you were a dinosaur, you'd be a Jerkasaurus Rex. From the Jerk-Ass Period."

I am a dinosaur. I am a Jerkasaurus Rex. I am from the Jerk-Ass Period. No ifs about it, anonymous commenter. I am. Live with it.

Don't move fast. I can see you when you do that. It's best to remain still and quiet.

And if I find you, you know what then? Then I make sarcastic comments. Then I ridicule your appearance. Then I chew on your ankle.

And then I sleep.

This is my life. This is the life of the Jerkasaurus Rex.

Quite a life.

Quite a life.


Geocities, once you built a railroad. Made it run. Made it race against time. Once you built a railroad, now it's done. Webhost, I can't spare a dime.



I'm reading on Saturday at Pilot Books with Matty Byloos and Carrie Seitzinger. It's at 6pm. Please come.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

best of the web 2010

Today, we promote Best of the Web 2010. It's a fine book, and you should buy it!

Here's a full list of the contributors.

Here is a Large-Hearted Boy Book Notes from various contributors.

Here is a review by Jonathan Messinger.


Here is my cover of Ryan Manning's Sky Polaroids.


And now, back to Best of the Web 2010. My story, Caves (Lamination Colony) appears in it.

Caves features an apartment building with large glass windows that let people on the street see into the apartments. And the building is shaped like the set of The Hollywood Squares.

When I wrote about it, I was thinking about this building in Seattle:

There. Now you have a note on my process.


This song is featured in the story:

I like this Ink Spots song, too: