Friday, April 29, 2011

Running again

Hello again.

It's that time of year when I link to this story.

Which means it's that time of year when I ask if you might be able to donate a little money for breast cancer research. And to bribe you into giving money, I run a little.

But I know I do this every year. And because it keeps happening—and will keep happening for a while—I know you get a little fatigued by it.

So this year, let's have some additional bribes. Here's what we'll do.

I have a fairly small goal this year. $600. If I manage to make that goal, I'll go out with my Holgaroid:

and take a photo for everyone who donated. (And, as loathe as I am to do this, I'm going to ask that you at least donate $5 to be eligible. $5 is not bad, right?)

UPDATE : Due to film cost, though, I think I need to cap this to the first 12 donations. Sorry.

If I break $600—even by a dollar—I'll have a hardcover copy of A Jello Horse printed and everyone who donated will be entered into a drawing for it.

If I break $800, I'll have a hardcover copy of The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge printed and everyone who donated will be entered into a drawing for it.

If I break $1000, after the 5K, I will run the additional 5 miles home.

(Friends—if you would like to offer to donate another prize for this, please drop me a line.)

I would not be a published author right now if it weren't for a specific person. That person died very young. Breast cancer. So, once a year, I run.


Tuesday, April 05, 2011


HOW WE WILL SLEEP (A Distribution of Duties) on Riley Michael Parker's HOUSEFIRE.


Keep tripping over it. You see it there? In the road? I keep running along and tripping over it. Jesus.

What was it, you think? Bird, maybe? Insect?

Probably this was once a houseplant, and someone just threw the fucker off of the roof, and it landed here, and it got run over, and here we are. Look, though? Is that green? Is that a leaf? Does it breathe? Are we standing in its light?

Does it need us? Can it vote? Might it fly a little? Will you break its back?

Am I tired? Is this me, all docile and free? Can the sky call? Can we save it?

Can we blog about it?


Blake's book is now for you.


I don't know what this is, but I think it might be important later.