Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Come see me. I'll also be in Portland. Monday, March 15, as a part of Smallpressapalooza at the mighty, mighty Powell's on Burnside.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A new story is up on The Fanzine. It is the title story for my collection, Happy Rock.


CAVES will be in Best of the Web 2010.


Self-interview and story at The Nervous Breakdown. Excerpt:

So, when and how often do you write?

On no set schedule and as heartbreakingly (my heart) infrequently as possible.


Burning Beard

Monday, February 01, 2010


Some thing are and some things are not about Marvin. Some Marvins are Marvin, and other Marvins are not Marvin.

Go ahead. Sit down and look through your history books. You'll see that I'm right. You'll see. Just check.

Marvin has his hands bound. Marvin leaves his jacket unzipped. Marvin remembers birthdays with unerring accuracy. Marvin looms large in the minds of those who think about people other than Marvin.

Some of those things are about Marvin. Some of them are not. You must decide on your own which is which.

Marvin will repair the fence for you. Marvin lives in fear of being discovered by his uncle. Marvin reads much, much, much, much slower than any other person in the entire world. Marvin has never ever killed a bug.

Some of those things are about Marvin. Some of them are not. You have free will. God has given you free will. I leave it to your free will to make choices.

Marvin resembles no one so much as Marvin resembles Marvin. Marvin has a tree in his bathtub. When John Cage talks about silence, John Cage is talking about Marvin. When Flannery O'Conner talks about God, Flannery O'Conner is talking about Marvin. God is forever talking to everyone he knows about Marvin.

See the paragraph above the paragraph above this sentence for further instructions. It won't take long to reread it. Reread it. It's important. Trust me.

Marvin shines a light, shines a light, shines a light in the daaaarkness. Marvin is rude to children when being rude to children is completely necessary. Marvin stalls out after 600 miles of running in place. The sun is not efficient. The sun is not efficient. Stop believing that the sun is efficient.

Just stop.

Can't blog. The sun is not efficient.


This is Brujeria:

This is Lotte Kestner:

Both can help you relax.


Blake Butler and Jamie Iredell will be in Seattle on February 13 reading at Neptune Coffee. Come see, Seattle people.


Took a Polaroid photo of my friend Liza:

Came out good. Looks just like her.