Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Let's all together I'm sorry
Remove then the way it seems like ourselves
Talking about the then trying for left
Answer your way in the attack center of
Climb so much for never overthrow

Hell, what's the remember
Can't probably in the salt with
I'm coming over then have stamped
A kid with a end times holy right



Everything about this is wonderful:


Matthew Beard's book is out soon. Go to his Tumblr.


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"Sort of a good news/bad news thing: I do not have pyrokinesis. #2hoursshoppingatIkea"

"Selling a jar of Sufjan Stevens' tears on eBay, but haven't met the minimum yet. Think maybe the market bottomed out 3 years ago."

"The Donkey Kong kill screen is actually an homage to the ending of 2001."

"I still like to imagine that the band Fishbone all live together in a haunted mansion on a hill."

"Hell is author people."

"Sometimes I think waitstaff will lean in and kiss my forehead when they hand me food, and then I feel disappointed."