Monday, May 24, 2010


this post will be free of images

this post will also be free of words

these are not words you are not reading words right now

i know you think you are seeing words here

i know you think that you are reading

i am aware that this is what you think

i am painfully aware of this

that is not a cliche

i am actually in pain because i am aware that you think you are reading words right now even though you are not

you see there are no words on the screen right now

this is not a blog post

this is another lie much like the zoos are lies

and this is the source of the pain that i am feeling

this is a blank white screen

you are looking at it

i know you are looking at it

i am where you are

i am very tiny

i am in your eyes

i am very tiny and in your eyes

in your eyes i am holding a marker

(an on the run .070 jumbo hard 2 buff marker filled with a water-soluble paint)

i am writing this on the backs of your eyes backwards and upside-down

and then wiping it off quick

line after line

there is nothing on this site

i am tagging your retina

live with it

i am very tiny

and i am a tagger

not a blogger

a tagger

punctuation takes a lot of time

i don't have much time

i so i've eliminated most punctuation

initial caps would take time

i have dropped them too

just getting the info up and moving on

yr tagged

i tagged you

do something about it if you can

but you can't


Monday, May 17, 2010


When we go to the zoo, we are involved in a lie.

When I say this, I do not simply mean that we are complicit in the artificial world that is the zoo. I am not just talking about the sets.

I'm talking about a greater deception.

That deception has to do with the perspective we take at the zoo. We "go there to look at the animals." This is the deception. This is not true.

It's in the word "look." That's where the lie exists. Because no one uses their eyes at the zoo. Not their real eyes.

Oh, sure. The eyes on one's head will often make like they are looking. They make like it, but they ain't.

Something very much else is going on. You see—heh, see—our eyes shut off in the zoo. We aren't really actually seeing anything. We are imagining it. We imagine the animals at the zoo. The exhibits at the zoo. The other children at the zoo. The food at the zoo. All in our minds

The zoo n'existe pas, my friends. It is a sick fantasy. We walk into an empty park and build the entire thing from our imaginations.

And, really. Think about it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We should be ashamed of ourselves. All those animal. In cages. Behind glass.

Sick, sick, sick.




Wrote about Interrupture.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Blake Butler is going to have a baby. All by himself, he's going to have a baby. That's what it says on his blog.

The fact that everything on a blog has to be always always true is one of the reasons I have so much trouble blogging. I can't just lie and make up untrue-ish things because that flies in the face of blogging. All you have to do is spend time reading blogs to know that everything on them is true. It's just the way the world is.

The blog world.

This is true:

That's true. Even though Shya wrote it, it's a true thing that my family says. And it's true all the other things in it as well. It's all real and true.

I like it all real and true and nothing else.

Don't tell me nothing else. That is, tell me everything.


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