Monday, August 08, 2011


Trouble is what it is. I think that. Like, once there was this guy who thought a lot was going right for him. Like, once that guy was moving in the right kind of direction, and moving in the right kind of direction made sense to him because he had himself access to this sort of inner wayfinder.

And he felt good about the inner wayfinder. It jazzed him up, and kept him moving and thinking all was okay and right with everything and, sure, he was going and moving and yes.

This all makes sense. Don't deny it. I know you are there claiming—at least internally or inside your head or two your spouse/partner—that this seems vague and, Hey Writer! Why all the sudden so vague?

All the sudden is what sticks with me. Like you and I have this longer-ish term relationship. It's not real, this longer-ish term relationship you think we're having. Not at all real. You are engaging with me and because I am a written series of words on a page, you are adding me to all the other written series's of words on pages that you have seen recently and also over the years. We are all rolling up together into a big ball in your mind that you are rolling around and around.

So, having all the way dispensed with that wierd whatever it is that is going on in your weird whatever head, I'll get back to my thing that I was saying before.

Wait. What was I saying before?



Monday, August 01, 2011


You should listen to that way too loud.


That song used to really scare me. When I was little.

Now I'm bigger and I decided to slow it down a little so it would scare me a little again. Just a little.

Little is known.

Little more is about.

Little is lots bigger than it appears.