Monday, September 29, 2008


It's been and gonna be been bored along the fences near my house this time. We have and will have more to be said on this when always as we go, the shift changes and the time counts up and down and up and down.

Hey, but then, the readings of the bones that get themselves thrown from out of the cup have always been of that sort to me and maybe also it would seem so to you if you were like me or something.

You can be like me or something, too, with less and least of all effort than you might not only imagine but describe to some other person or peoples sitting in a half-circle around you. This is what it is.

And this is also not what it is. Hey, howzabout that, then? Really?!?!

My wrist is of an aching quality that seems to come from too much tightness of the watch and of the armbands. You know? Rude, I think it all is. Rude as all that isn't.

Men form catchy little rhythms when they walk. They putter a beat or two beats or four four times depending on the number of legs we give them.

Is this, also, how you feel the world? Can you romp about it? Stomp about it? Blog about it?

Me, neither, Little Sister. Me is neither.


You can read lots of things here.


I will be reading at the Hugo House on October 7. I think I will be reading an essay on jury duty.

Re recent events at the Hugo House, I have no comment.


I'm in Seattle Magazine. Also, Matt Briggs, Stacey Levine, Rebecca Brown.

I am, as you can see, out of my depth.


Tried By 12 (Original) - East Flatbush Project


I interviewed Joshuah Bearman. Here it is.

Thursday, September 25, 2008



I will continue updating this post for the next few days with things I stumble upon and enjoy. For example:

Min Oh.

Like that.


Things will normalize again next week and there will be Monday updates. A couple of weeks behind on some things, and had jury duty to contend with this week.

Near the courthouse, Brandon made me a free cup of coffee. Thank you, Brandon. I did not come back the next day because I was released.


A thing you could do this week is go here and download Shya Scanlon's chapbook Poolsaid. It is very good.

You can also spend time on his website learning about him. He is very good.

Very good.


Very soon you will be able to go to the Underland Press website and read an interview I conducted with Brian Evenson. And there will also be a short story by me there, too. I will tell you when.


I get mail sometimes. Last week, I received NO COLONY. It is



I also got a letter and a chapbook novel from Adam Coates. Thank you, Adam. I will read it soon.


I apologize that this post is informational instead of "enlightening through the power of art."


Esvape Earth - Diverse


This is beautiful.


I wrote this. It's okay.


A better thing I wrote is this thing. It's an excerpt from my Wabash Fiction Award story, "Saxophone Lung Explodes."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay. Fuck. Fuck it. I have something to say.

There's this written in the wake of the suicide of David Foster Wallace. It was inspired by this.

One could respond with anger.

I prefer to respond like this:

The great genius of David Foster Wallace is seen in this response. Three years ago, Wallace's power to both observe and accurately render the portrait of this tiny, tiny man left a huge scar across the tiny, tiny man's psyche. He has carried this pasting with him.

He has carried it and carried it. And he has held it close. He has held this pain very very close.

And only when the tiny, tiny man was confronted with a situation where the man who hurt him so very deeply—by seeing through right to the core of him, seeing him for the tiny, tiny man that he is—only when that man could no longer respond did the tiny, tiny man choose to stick his tiny, tiny head out of the tiny, tiny hole in which he has hidden—hidden from the much greater man—and respond.

Of course this is cowardice. But pity the tiny, tiny man. He was written about by David Foster Wallace. He was the subject of an honest portrait from David Foster Wallace. You, too, would still be smarting, if you were in his position.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I haven't got a single, God damned, mother-fucking thing to say this week*.



Monday, September 08, 2008



Jaded ladies and desperate gentlemen, the Stwallskull.


There is a new Hobart update that includes lots of stuff related to issue #9. Which you should really buy. Now.

The update has three reviews of games you can play online. They were written by me and Gene Morgan.


Ninja Hunter

Rose and Camellia

Soon there will also be an interview I conducted with Joshuah Bearman. We talked about kill screens.


Ross Simonini has a blog.


One should not be under the impression that exceeding really, really low expectations is success.

One should not be under the impression that sarcastic, shoddily fact-checked remarks delivered in a deeply unpleasant nasal twang is inspiring oratory.

Obama for president.


Work It Out - Willie Evans Jr.


Recently on Blake Butler's blog, there was a discussion of Punk and punk and The Clash and NOFX and stuff. I have finally crafted my response: