Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge.

New book can now be pre-ordered.

The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge: Stories and One-Man Black Metal Bands includes three short stories (one of which appeared in Bust Down the Doors and Eat All the Chickens; the other two have never been published anywhere) and a series of short pieces about one-man black metal bands.

The bands in question are: Xasthur, Striborg, Wrath of the Weak, ad Burzum.

The book has a blurb from Lance, the King of Black Metal. Lance said: "My only problem with this book is that it was printed with ink instead of being scrawled in goat's blood. It was a pussy move if you ask me. Other than that, I deem the Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge completely Taint-worthy. Read it by torchlight or I will fucking crush you."


Influences on book:

Matthew Beard:

Lotte Kestner:

Joe Biel:

This list will continue to grow. Check back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Make an offer. Free book with every picture purchased.

Trades are acceptable.


My name makes a fine Black Metal logo, yeah?

Monday, August 02, 2010


Polaroid, Impossible PX 100 film


Original for sale, if you're interested. I need to fund my Impossible project film buying habit. Grey spots on the flower were actually on the scanner bed and are not on the picture itself.

Also for sale. Make an offer.

Not this one, though.



The three button suit.

Never button the bottom button.


Currently working on a cover for my Keyhole Press mini-book, The Moon Tonight Feels My Revenge.

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