Monday, December 08, 2008


God realizes that his actions were reckless and melodramatic, and so he brings back the world.


Peshtigo, newly reborn, rises from the earth, his body a conflagration. Flames from his ears lick the passing clouds. They darken from the fire, they burn, they sprinkle ash into Lake Superior.

Lake Superior, an ash film over it, gets disgusted and begins to drain.


Lodi has returned to land, and she is walking from the edge of the Keweenaw Peninsula down to Hancock. Before she gets there, though, she sees Peshtigo on his knees before Lake Superior, begging it to stay.

Lodi pulls her rifle from her back.


Lake Superior sinks into the mud, through the mud to an aquifer. The aquifer welcomes Lake Superior, and the two getting along very well indeed.

Peshtigo, ablaze and filled with regret for driving away Lake Superior, begins to cry.

Peshtigo's tears are a petroleum product. They fall from his eyes like Molotov cocktails. They scatter northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. The crowds run for cover, but all the buildings are made of wood and dry, and they turn the upper midwest into a bonfire.


Lodi sees all this through her rifle scope.

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Bon Iver - Woods






A new story by Ryan Boudinot.


Ryan is now blogging about film at The Rumpus.


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