Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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Oconto wakes up on the shore of Green Bay, and wipes the frost from her eyebrows and the fine, downy hair on her earlobes. Lodi is the patron saint of Oconto, and holds her no ill will.

Oconto walks north to see what she can see.

In time, Oconto finds the bodies of Ishpeming and Peshtigo, and she lights a fire. She burns the bodies and stands warming her hands. She little suffers the loss, but imagines that later it will hit her square in the chin.

It is unreasonably cold. Unreasonably cold.

Oconto sees a plane approaching, a passenger jet filled with people. An overbooked flight. It left six people behind. The people in the seats are crowded together and uncomfortable. And unhappy. They are antsy.

Oconto reaches out for the plane, and takes it by the fuselage. She shakes the plane gently, and the crowded, frustrated people are thankful to get their minds off of their uncomfortable seats. They, instead, concentrate on what seems to be their impending deaths. They offer prayers of thanks to Oconto.

Read parts ONE and TWO.


Reservoir Park - The Dutchess & The Duke

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I was walking to work today and a man passed me and offered me drugs, saying: "Got that bud..."

I looked at him and said, "No. No thank you."

I did this because I believe it is very important to be polite. I believe in manners.



Fuck You, Penguin

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